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Proven self serve beverage systems designed by fellow restaurant owners

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Drive more sales and profits with less staff

At Pourtek, we understand the challenges of running a successful service-based business. Staff shortages, beverage loss, and poor customer service can handicap an otherwise profitable venture. 

That’s why we created Pourtek. With our innovative self-pour technology, you’ll wow your customers by allowing them to pour virtually any liquid themselves. And them serving means you can sit back and enjoy all of the benefits, which include:

  • 45% increased sales.
  • Waste decreased to only 3%.
  • 20% decreased labor costs

Customers establish an RFID card with the business, which activates the Pourtek system and then they can serve themselves.

Our System can dispense beer, wine, cider, coffee, and much more. Please contact us to learn more about how our system can be integrated into your location.

Using Pourtek's system, every pour will be calculated to a tenth of an ounce, making every ounce poured accounted for.

PourTek can be implemented in 
Tasting Rooms
Cruise Ships
Venue Centers
Office Spaces
Grocery Stores
Military Bases
Entertainment Venues
Kick-Ass Man Caves
Private Yachts
Other Venues

self pour solutions for every type of business

Stadiums, Golf Courses, Grocery Stores, Universities, Coffee Shops, Cafeterias, Yoga Studios, the possibilities are endless. What started out in bars has proven itself to be an incredible investment for all types of businesses.

If it can be poured, our Pourtek can handle it. Our system was designed to be adaptable for all uses, no matter what type of business you own. You’ll be able to serve Kombucha, coffee, cocktails, beer, wine, and literally anything else that can be poured. 

This makes our system the perfect plug-and-play solution for any business that serves beverages to customers. So whether you own a bar, restaurant, stadium, or hotel, Pourtek will help you make your customers happy while increasing your bottom line.

Get set up fast with our mobile self pour beverage systems

 Our “Tekerator”, is a turnkey self pour system you can add to your establishment without any build-outs or running ay lines. This mobile, self-serve keggerator enables you to quickly increase profits and decrease losses without making a significant investment up front.

Portable, stand-alone beverage dispensing stations with Pourtek’s fully integrated self-service system!

Build the ultimate beer wall!

The people have spoken! Customers love self-serving beer options more than traditional models. That’s because self-serve beer taps allow for a more personalized experience and faster service. Not only does this set-up allow patrons to easily taste-test different options. But it also gives them a near immediate satisfaction. Effectively making your establishment the go-to location to get exactly what they want.

Self Serve Wine Bars pour every glass perfectly

Having a self-serve wine bar is the way of the future. Your customers will never want to go back to the old way of doing things once they get a taste of what Pourtek has to offer. Not only does having this type of wine bar empower customers to serve themselves. But it also ensures accurate pours and easy access for customers to try more wines.

Cocktail Taps Serve Drinks Faster and Sell More!

It’s easy to make profits soar when you can serve drinks at lightning speed. With our self-serve cocktail taps,  you’ll greatly reduce the time between finishing a drink and getting another one. Improving efficiency in this way leads to more drinks being served. And more happy customers who can’t wait to return with their friends.

Pourtek – Started by Bar Owners looking for a better self-pour experience.

Less time waiting. More time savoring

Our story begins in a place where people waste hundreds of hours every year–waiting in line. After waiting numerous hours to be served in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, our Pourtek’s founders, knew there had to be a better way. 

After being completely let down by the existing self-pour technology providers, Pourtek sought out the best engineers to create a dream solution for business owners. A solution that would dramatically reduce idle time while also allowing business owners to serve more customers than ever, while also out-performing the competition. 

This technology was battle-tested in real businesses and simply amazes everyone who comes in contact with it. After one try, you’ll easily see why Pourtek outperforms the competition and is so beloved by our clients.

why choose pourtek?

Truly Cloud-based system

  • No need for constant maintenance or onsite staff. 
  • Easily log into all of your locations with one login (unlike our competitors).
  • Avoid having to log into multiple systems (and save time and effort).
  • Go from novice to expert in no time with our user-friendly software.

Better customer experience

  • Customizable screens create a more unique experience for your self pour set up and a more fun experience for your customers

high- quality, reliable equipment

  • With our high-quality equipment, you can avoid paying for annual maintenance (like you have to do with other models). 
  • Minimal wiring means our systems are easier and faster to install.

Completely Mobile System

  • Easily manage your entire system from wireless devices
  • Our system entirely replaces the need for a large POS system. 
  • Take Payment from anywhere in your location

Ready to build your self-serve beverage system and start reaping the benefits of:

Rapidly increasing profits without having to invest heavily into your business.
Reduced stress that comes with not needing to hire or manage more staff.
Eliminate almost all beverage loss by leveraging near-perfect pour accuracy.
Becoming the go-to business in your area for drinks of any kind.


Pourtek's self-service beer and wine system has been an incredible addition to our Taproom. It's reduced beverage loss, reduced overhead and labor, and dramatically improved overall customer experience. Customer's love the ability to sample many different beers before committing to a full glass, and we love the impact its had to our bottom line!
Hops & Berry Taproom

DOn't let your business be left behind

Invest in the future of your business with Pourtek to finally escape the struggles of:

  • Having no idea how you’re going to increase profits ( And continuing to shoot in the dark)
  • Leaving yourself vulnerable to understaffing issues (or even future pandemics)
  • Struggling to figure out how get out of debt (with no solution in sight)
  • Actively losing money because of poor inventory management and tracking

Easy Financing Available

No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments, Quick Loan Approvals

How much money can Pourtek help you save?

Want to find out how much money you can save with our system and how quickly you can pay off your investment? Find out in seconds with our easy to use calculator.

Some of our amazing Clients

How do Self-Pour Taps Work?

Self-pour taps work by using radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards that connect with a credit card. Our machines read these cards and allow patrons to self-serve themselves while charging them according to the ounce that’s poured. Learn more.

how Much do self-serve beer taps cost?

Self-serve tap systems are built specifically for each venue and there are a number of options that can influence the cost. There is the draft system, the self-serve system, installation costs, and monthly service fees. Find out how much self-pour taps costs and how fast it can pay for itself. Learn more.

what is a tap wall?

Tap walls allow you to drastically improve the customer experience of your establishment. Your guest will be able to enjoy serving themselves any beverage of their choice–while minimizing contact with staff. Leading you to increase profits and customer satisfaction. Learn more.