About Us


After years of waiting in lines at coffee shops, pubs, and wine bars around the world, our founder embarked on a mission to create a better (and faster) customer experience where the conversations and drinks flow uninterrupted. By creating Pourtek, a self-serve beverage system, he has flipped the traditional experience so that customers are in the driver’s seat. Customers decide if they want to taste a new IPA or if they want a full glass of their go-to wine, while paying only for the amount poured. Pourtek’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes achieve this new experience in a cost-friendly way that increases customer satisfaction and their bottom line.

Pourtek’s system can be used in bars, breweries, taprooms, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, casinos, cruise ships or even your local watering hole. Our technology reduces the time it takes for you to get your drink in hand so you can start your day sooner or wind down faster.