Portable, stand-alone beverage dispensing stations with Pourtek’s fully integrated self-service system!

The Tekerator

Pourtek’s all-in-one beverage stations (aka “tekerators”) are a great amenity for any bar, hotel, restaurant, clubhouse, apartment complex, golf course, hotel, casino and more!


Customers will open tab or pre-pay and receive an RFID to activate the system, allowing them to pour and pay-by-the-ounce. No need for a bartender, thus reducing overall labor costs. No construction buildout needed with minimal space requirements. Extremely low cost of ownership with rapid payback period.


Most portable and compact self-serve system available! (i.e. no bulky desktop check-in/out system required taking up all your reception desk real estate)


Your branded logos on customer screens and the ability to custom ‘wrap’ dispensing stations.


Various configurations to meet your specific needs (i.e. 2 faucet, 4 faucet, 6 faucets, etc.)


Highly efficient system with minimized keg loss and maximum yield.


Ability to dispense nearly any beverage via the direct draw system: i.e. beer, wine, cider, cold-brew, kombucha, DIY mixed drinks and much more!


The ability to prevent over-consumption by limiting guests to a user-defined number of ounces or servings.


The industry’s most innovative and interactive self-pour interface that keeps customers coming back.


Realtime analytics of customer pour data and inventory tracking powered by Salesforce.