Rejuvinate your business

Owning a typical bar or restaurant can be quite stressful. With high overhead costs, limited revenue streams, and inefficient turnover, there can be times where it’s difficult to even stay in business. Customers like new and exciting things to try and it’s important to keep them engaged and wanting to come back again. What if there was a way to revitalize your current business and enhance your customer base, all while lowering overhead, boosting sales, and not breaking the bank!

Self Serve Tap Wall

Self-serve beer wall

What is a self-serve beer wall?

A self-serve beer wall is the main component to an interactive customer experience using dispense technology. A patron will open a tab and be granted access to try anything on tap and only pay for what they pour through a pay by the ounce system.

Advantages of self-pour taps

Seamless inventory management

Using accurate flow measurements and calculations, Pourtek will show you exactly what and how much of each beverage has been poured.

Decrease waste and eliminate keg loss

No free drinks, forgetting to add to tab in the POS, or even wrong orders!

Attract customers and increase revenue

Customers get excited about trying new beverages, making them want to come back again and again to try even more!

Decrease overhead

Payroll costs can be some of the largest costs that a business faces, cutting this down allows for a greater margin of profit!

Self Serve Beer Tap